Little Big France | planning a trip to Paris, France.
Little Big France handcrafts your personal itinerary with a day-to-day schedule of places to visit.
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Why Choose LittleBigFrance

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Advice from a Parisian

Little Big France’s itineraries are handcrafetd by a true Parisian woman and French native. Alexandra only recommends the places that she likes, many of which you won’t find in guidebooks and on travel blogs. Discover another Paris : secret charming neighborhoods, delicious foods and trendy cafés and shops.

A handcrafted itinerary

Little Big France creates detailed day-to-day programs for demanding travelers.  Our goal is to help you make the most of your trip. Our itineraries contain all the ingredients fo a perfect visit : a guided tour through the city’s neighborhoods, lively or charming streets, our choice of places to visit, a selection of our favorite restaurants, shops, and activities in the area.

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Easy travelling

Little Big France is here to make your stay a smooth one. Avoid the daunting task of planning your day-to-day program. Forget the hassle of reading guidebooks and travelblogs. Little Big France has handcrafted the perfect itinerary to enjoy your vacation time at your own pace.