Little Big France | 7 days itinerary in France.
An itinerary in France: to visit the best of Paris easily and discover another part of France. An itinerary handcrafted by a Parisian.
7 days itinerary in France
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This 5-days itinerary through Paris enables you to explore the different atmospheres of Paris from touristic areas to secret neighborhoods. Take time to discover the city of Light’s wonders. Enjoy the Parisian way of life : a drink on the terrace of a sidewalk café ; a gastronomical French dinner.

Our handcrafted itineray is a day-to-day program  containing a stroll through the most interesting districts of Paris completed with specific information on the streets, monuments and points of interest you will come upon during your walk. We have added a selection of restaurants and cafés, food corners, shops and activities.  We provide you with weblinks to book a table or an activity.

Fee : contact LBF

Fees are paid in Euros exclusively and with PayPal secured payment system. PayPal fees will be added to the planning fees.

Little Big France is an independent consultant. Therefore, we do not get providers commissions. There are no hidden commissions. Our fees cover time and expertise to analyze and exchange on your preferences, to research thoroughly and develop your handcrafted proposal and advise you.

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