Little Big France | Normandy
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little big france normandy little big france normandy



Normandy is popular for its historic sites (WWII sites) and its gastronomy (Camembert, Calvados eau-de-vie) but it has much more to be discovered. The romantic port of Honfleur, enchanting with its 16-18th century picturesque skinny colorful houses lined up along the old port, is worth the trip. Trouville, one of the first-ever French seaside resorts, is a charming town with magnificent 19th century villas, a vibrant covered fish market, splendid sand beaches and a boardwalk like its more famous sibling Deauville. Following the Seine Valley is the capital city of Normandy, Rouen, displaying remarkable medieval half-timbered houses, pedestrian streets and Renaissance mansions. Mont-Saint-Michel the magical medieval island topped by a gravity-defying monastery, progressively saved from silting, is an unforgettable sight.