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Legal information / Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Please read these Terms & Conditions before using this site. By surfing on this site, you are considered knowing and accepting these Terms & Conditions which deal with the use of the site and the services of Little Big France (LBF). The Terms & Conditions can be revised any time, all revision becoming effective immediately. You are invited to visit these Terms & Conditions regularly. In the event you disagree with the Terms & Conditions, LBF asks you to stop using the site.


1- Ordering process

A questionnaire to fill will be sent to you by email at your request. You agree to fill it with clear and extensive information in order to facilitate the research. If necessary, LBF can ask complementary information and reserves the right to refuse any demand incomplete, non compliant with the Terms & Conditions, unreasonable or too late referring to your departure dates.

Once information is complete, LBF will send you an email confirming the service and price. You confirm your approval and proceed on paying the amount of fees. The payment is the starting point of the 14 days cooling off period mentioned below. The research delay is approximately two weeks. The research delay can be longer if the planning is complex.

Then, you will receive your itinerary or accommodation suggestion.

LBF only chooses accommodations available at your trip dates. If the accommodations are not available although you have booked immediately, LBF will reimburse you or suggest another accommodation.


2- Right of withdrawal

In accordance with French law, you are granted the right of withdrawal within 14 days after your payment, without explanation or penalty. You must notify clearly your decision by email. LBF will reimburse the fees 14 days at the latest after your decision. However, the conversion fees and the transfer fees will stay at your charge.

The withdrawal right cannot be exercised if the itinerary has been drafted and sent to you and you have renounced to your withdrawal right.


3- Fees

The minimum fees can be found on the website where they are expressed in Euros and tax free. No VAT shall be applicable (article 293B Code Général des impôts – French Taxes General Code). LBF reserves the right to modify at any moment the minimum fees. Nevertheless, the price mentioned in the quote is the sole price applicable to the client. An invoice will be sent by email.


4- Terms of payment

Payment occurs online via PayPal secured payment with your credit card or your PayPal personal account. Fees must be paid in Euros exclusively.  PayPal fees are extra and will be added to the planning fees. No information other than your email address is communicated to LBF. For more information on the security of transactions, please contact PayPal.


5- Access to the site and the services

At any moment, LBF can interrupt or limit, without notice, access to the site and services. LBF can also decide to modify the content of the services and stop publication of the site on the internet. You can claim no compensation on this basis.

LBF cannot be held liable in case of disruption or interruption of the site, whatever the cause and in particular in case of failure of the internet access provider, the website host or intrusion of third party. You can claim no compensation on this basis.

LBF cannot be liable for damages direct and/or indirect, material and/or non-material resulting from the use or the total or partial impossibility to use the site and its services.


6- Client’s liability

You acknowledge using the services provided by LBF at your own risks. To access the site and the services, you acknowledge (1) being a natural person, adult and capable (2) carrying out a demand for your own use (3) providing exact, verifiable, complete and updated information (4) providing a personal and valid email address. LBF cannot be liable for any damages resulting from an error, negligence or inaccuracy of the information you have provided.

You authorize LBF to publish on the site your client testimony in the corresponding section. You also accept that this content be used in all LBF communication tools and in particular on the social networks. LBF reserves the right to examine all client testimonials and can refuse to publish any improper content.


7- LBF’s liability

LBF is a travel consulting website. LBF is not a travel agent and does not sell touristic services. LBF drafts your itinerary and finds your accommodation and provides advice and recommendations to clients in order to organize their travel.

LBF’s liability is limited to providing you the said advice and putting you in relation with a service provider. LBF does not interfere in the conclusion of your contract with the service provider and is not liable for the consequences of this contract. When you book a service with a service provider, you must refer to the terms and conditions of this provider. LBF is not liable for damages resulting from services sold by a provider, for any non-execution or any fault of the provider (for example failure of public transportation, of museums or monuments). The provider is solely liable for the services he provides. Likewise, LBF cannot be liable in case of litigation between you and the service provider and you renounce therefore to claim compensation or file action against LBF on this basis.

All advice and opinion on destinations, accommodations, activities on the site is LBF’s own. You acknowledge using LBF’s advice under your sole liability. LBF cannot be held liable for any damages resulting from client’s negligence while following LBF’s advice.

General information and news accessible on LBF’s website and other media are exclusively indicative. LBF does not guarantee the exactitude and completeness of the information published on its website and its other media (social network).


8- Force majeure

LBF is not liable for non-performance of its obligations under this contract if such non-performance is caused by an event of force majeure. LBF and the client acknowledge as events of force majeure those usually defined by French case law as such for example natural disasters, fires, floods, wars, riots, strikes and dysfunctions of the web service providers. As soon as the event of force majeure disappears, LBF will perform its obligations. If the event persists over 2 months, the order will be canceled and LBF will reimburse the client.


9-Personal data

LBF collects information necessary to processing your order. This information is intended for internal usage and kept as long as needed for its purpose. This information is sent to and stored by the hosting company located in France, whose coordinates are mentioned in section “Legal information”. Under the Data Freedom and Protection Act of January 6, 1978 (loi “Informatique et Liberté”) and the General Data Protection Regulation of April 27, 2016, you have a right of access, rectification and deletion of your personal data and a right of opposition, which you can exercise by sending an email to LBF. LBF commits not to sell or pass to third parties your personal data without your prior and written consent. The site is declared to the « Commission Nationale Informatique et Libertés – CNIL » under the number 2112068v0 and respects the dispositions of the French Law 78-17 of January 6 1978 and the General Data Protection Regulation of April 27, 2016.


10- Links to other social media 

The site contains links to social networks. You are authorized to register on LBF’s Instagram page accessible via the site. By registering on LBF’s Instagram page, you consent on following Instagram’s legal terms of use. To observe these legal terms, LBF commits not to sell your personal data originating directly from Instagram.


11-Hypertext links

The site may include hypertext links to other pages of the site and to other websites. LBF cannot control third party web sites. LBF is not liable for their content, their products, services or all other item available on these third party sites.


12- Cookies

LBF may use cookies to ameliorate navigation on the website. A cookie is a computer file, stored on the hard drive of your computer which allows LBF to know of the client’s venue on the site and the duration of the client’s visit.


13- Intellectual property

The site and the totality of its components are the exclusive property of LBF. All components of the site are protected by intellectual property rights and related rights of use, such as its shape,  architecture, texts, functionalities, photographs, graphic images, trademarks, logos and all other data which are the exclusive property of LBF. Any reproduction, modification, public use or distribution, in full or in part, of the content of the site, on any medium and via any process whatsoever, and in general any unauthorized use or use non-compliant with these Terms & Conditions is prohibited, unless expressly authorized by the Director of Publication. Breach of these provisions may lead to bringing any appropriate legal action, particularly for infringement of intellectual property rights.


14- Amicable dispute settlement

In case of litigation between you and LBF, each party commits to negotiate amicably in order to reach in good faith an out of court agreement profiting to everyone. During this amicable negotiation, you and LBF commit not to bring any legal action. If necessary, LBF will suggest seizing an appropriate organization to help settle the dispute out of court.


15- Governing law and jurisdiction

The Terms and Conditions are governed by French law. Only the French-language version of the Terms & Conditions has probative force and can be used as evidence in court. In case of dispute, you and LBF will try finding an amicable agreement according to article 14 hereabove. Any dispute not settled amicably shall be exclusively referred to French courts.


Legal Information

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