Little Big France | How it works
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How it works

little big france

How it works

1/ Contact Little Big France via our contact form and let us know which itinerary you have chosen. We will send you back a questionnaire to complete. This form aims to collect the maximum information on your travel wishes in order to personalize your itinerary or accommodation. It could be necessary to exchange a few emails in order to clarify your interests and fully understand your vacation preferences.


2/ We will send you a confirmation email with the exact fee amount for the selected service. If you accept to work with Little Big France, you will have to formally accept this offer and pay with PayPal secured system.


3/ As soon as Little Big France receives the full payment, we start working on your itinerary or on your accommodation.


4/ When the itinerary is drafted, you will receive it by email, with your trip information, contacts and weblinks in order to make the necessary bookings. If necessary, we can readjust the proposal together.