Little Big France | FAQ
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Little Big France?

Little Big France is not a common platform. It’s a site run by an independent consultant aiming at offering American travelers the best of France. Plus as a French and Parisian woman, Alexandra, owner of Little Big France, is a great ambassador of her country and can share with you her special knowledge of France. And above all, Alexandra likes to do her job thoroughly with utmost attention to details.


When should I contact Little Big France?

The sooner, the better. It is best to start working on the preparation of your trip as soon as you have your plane tickets. Be aware that during French holidays (February, April, July, August, December) and holiday weekends, an accommodation can be difficult to find. If no accommodation is available for your trip dates in your selected destination, Little Big France will reimburse the paid fees.


How is the accommodation research done?

Little Big France researches every offer available on the market and does not depend on a limited number of preselected providers. You benefit from a thorough research in total independence. Little Big France searches for providers who supply the best services for your needs.


How long before I receive my itinerary?

Your itinerary can be available in two weeks. However, a complex research can take a little longer.


How do we communicate?

We will communicate via email.


What if I don’t like your itinerary?

Our suggestions are made according to the information given in the questionnaire. If you are not completely satisfied with the itinerary, we can readjust a few elements of the draft.


What if I change my mind and want to cancel my order?

If you change your mind, you have 14 days after your payment to cancel. After that, no cancellation will be accepted. If you cancel during these 14 days, the fee will be sent back to you within 2 weeks (currency conversion fees and transaction fees are borne by the client).  Be aware that you cannot cancel the order once the itinerary or the accommodation plan is drafted and has been sent to you.


Can you book accommodations, activities or transportation for me?

Little Big France is not a travel agency. Therefore we do not sell accommodations or tickets. You will pay the arrangements directly to the provider. However, Little Big France can help you through the booking process with providers. Besides, we can help you with language comprehension issues if necessary.


What if I cannot book the accommodation because it is not available anymore?

If the accommodation selected for you is not available at the time you book, Little Big France will either reimburse you or try to find you another accommodation similar to the first one. Nevertheless, we recommend that you book your accommodation as soon as you receive the links to avoid this situation. Note that the accommodations selected for you are available at the time Little Big France  sends you the web links.