Little Big France | planning a trip to Paris, France.
Little Big France handcrafts your personal itinerary with a day-to-day schedule of places to visit.
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Why Choose LittleBigFrance

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Advice from a Parisian

Behind Little Big France there is Alexandra, a true Parisian woman. Be sure to get the advice of someone who knows what she is talking about. As a French native, Alexandra will recommend the places that she knows and that she likes. She will recommend the places that you won’t find in guidebooks and on travel blogs. She will give you her ingredients for a smooth itinerary.

A personal itinerary

Little Big France creates your own travel program. You will complete a questionnaire in order for us to provide you with a personalized itinerary. This itinerary will contain a detailed day-to-day program and a description of the places to visit. Your itinerary will also contain a selection of restaurants, shops, and activities in the areas you will be visiting and the adequate transportation means.

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Easy travelling

Little Big France is here to make your travel preparations easy and your stay a smooth one. Avoid the daunting task of planning your itinerary. Forget the hassle of reading guidebooks and travelblogs. Little Big France handcrafts the perfect itinerary to enjoy your vacation time at your own pace. We can also help you find your accommodation. All you will need to do is make the booking with the weblinks you will be provided.