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Little Big France helps you plan the perfect trip to France. Why choose Little Big France?
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Why Choose LittleBigFrance

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A native’s advice

I will be your personal advisor in the planning process giving you my vision of France and sharing my knowledge of Paris and the French regions. As a friendly contact in Paris, I will stay reachable during your trip in case you have any questions or need any tips. And because of my fluency in English and my bicultural background, our understanding will be easy.

A personal advisor

My travel plan adapts to your specific needs such as traveling with children, teens and grandparents. I help you create your itinerary, focusing on what is essential to you during your trip. Your itinerary allows you to enjoy your vacation time at your own pace. I give you the ingredients for a smooth journey, adding details and tips that will make the difference.

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The best experience

Conscious that French customer service can be disappointing, I aim at offering travelers total satisfaction by considering their expectations and standards. I strive to offer the best that France has to offer by suggesting unforgettable destinations, and by recommending accommodations and activities that embody the French Art de Vivre and Savoir-Faire. I will get to know you in order to help plan your trip in the same way that I would plan it for my friends and family.