Little Big France | How it works
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How it works

little big france

How it works

ORDER: Contact Little Big France with the contact form or an email. You will receive a questionnaire to fill in order to explain your wishes and constraints. It might be necessary to arrange a phone consultation or exchange emails with you to be sure of your interests and fully understand your vacation preferences.


OFFER ACCEPTANCE: I will send you a confirmation email with a quotation. If you accept to work with Little Big France, you will have to formally accept this offer and pay with PayPal secured system a deposit of 30% of the total fee.


RESEARCH: When the travel plan draft is complete, you will receive it by email. If necessary, we can rework the proposal together.


VALIDATION: You will be asked to pay the remaining amount (70% of the applicable fee).


FINAL TRAVEL PLAN: Your final travel plan will be sent to you by email. For Accommodation planning, you will also receive the contacts and web links necessary to make your booking.