Little Big France | FAQ
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Little Big France?

I will share with you my native’s approach to my country, allowing you to discover the country, its prestigious sites and hidden gems. I try to help travelers understand French habits and customs and immerse in French living. I  like to do my job thoroughly with utmost attention to details.


When should I contact Little Big France?

The sooner, the better. It is best to start working on the preparation of your trip as soon as you have your vacation dates or plane tickets. Be aware that during French holidays (February, April, July, August, December) and holiday weekends, an accommodation can be difficult to find. If no accommodation is available for your trip dates in your selected destination, I will suggest another option or reimburse the deposit.


How is the research done?

The research is done by me exclusively and in total independence. All itineraries are handcrafted according to your preferences. All accommodations recommended to you are chosen for their quality and comply with your needs.


How long does a research take?

Your travel plan draft is available in a minimum of two weeks. A complex research can take a little longer.


How do we communicate?

We will communicate via email, phone or Skype.


What if I don’t like your travel plan?

My suggestions are made according to your needs, tastes and constraints and my personal experience, preferences and knowledge. If you are not satisfied with my suggestions, we will discuss the choices made and modify a few things in order to suit you. If necessary, we can find another option that makes you happy.


What if I change my mind and want to cancel my order?

If you change your mind, you can cancel your order within 14 days after accepting the offer sent to you by email. After that, no cancellation will be accepted. If you cancel during these 14 days, the deposit will be sent back to you within 2 weeks (currency conversion fees and transaction fees are borne by the client).  However, if you have clearly expressed your desire to give up your right to cancel and wish nevertheless to cancel, Little Big France will keep the deposit or 30% of the total fees as compensation. Be aware that you cannot cancel the order once you have given up your right to cancel and once the service is completed. (French Law)


Can you book accommodations or transportation for me?

As I am not a travel agency, I do not sell accommodations or tickets. You will pay the arrangements directly to the provider. However, I can guide you through the booking process with providers so that booking be a mere formality. Besides, I will help you with language comprehension issues if necessary.


What if I cannot book the accommodation because it is not available anymore?

If the accommodation you have selected is not available at the time you book, I will find another accommodation. Nevertheless, I recommend that you book your accommodation as soon as you receive the links to avoid this situation. Note that the accommodations selected for you are available at the time I send you the links.